Learn To Pass Playing Foosball

One of the most important steps in becoming a great foosball player is learning how to pass playing foosball. It is really important if you want to advance mastering the game. If you are playing doubles with a teammate you should know how to pass the ball to him. We will show you important moves like passing from the five bar to the three attacking row. These moves will maximize your goal scoring opportunities.

Pass Playing Foosball

Learning to skip from the 5 Bar to the three Bar

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There are numerous patterns and versions that foosball players uses to skip from the five bar to the three bar. Under will explain the 2 most popular passes utilized in event play and what we feel to be the best foosball passes.

The Tic-Tac Pass – The tic-tac pass isn’t like the brush skip because you are not tilting your guys returned. You, in reality, pass the ball to and fro in a fast movement so your opponent can not observe your motion. Then, at the proper second, you kick the ball forward to the three bar.

The Brush Pass – A brush pass is generally accomplished at the 5 bar by means of tilting your guy returned and so that you are barely brushing the ball against the table so that it will flow it side to side. you sweep the ball to any other man on the 5 bar and then skip it up to your three bar.

Video On How To Pass Playing Foosball

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