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Harvard foosball table is a manufacturing company which is possessed by the Escalade Sports parent company. Escalade makes both the Harvard and Atomic foosball table brands, including various different sports, arcade games, and fitness equipment. The business has existed for over 80 years and is an important player on the market. Their Harvard table line now makes 4 distinct foosball table versions. Harvard also makers several other family-oriented arcade games, including air hockey tables, basketball hoops, ping pong, and more. Harvard is a brand of foosball tables which you are more likely to find in department stores rather than at professional events. They make an excellent present for children or should you be simply buying a table for some casual foosball games, yet, Harvard doesn’t make an expert table you will discover at tournaments.

harvard foosball table

The Harvard Foosball table is a low-grade table for a beginner or recreational players considering purchasing a Foosball table with the single intent of having fun, rather than serious competitive matches where the table’s features seriously sway playability. While this table is considerably more economical in relation to the bulk of Foosball tables in the marketplace, there exists a valid reason why. While the higher quality tables are made from metal, this table consists of MDF particle board, a fairly low-cost low-quality stuff discovered in low-priced sports products.

Harvard G01888W Mid Fielder Soccer Table

Classic soccer/foosball table designed for fast-paced gameplay
Sturdy 5-inch square legs and chrome steel tube crossbars
Chrome-plated steel rods with octagon-shaped wooden handles

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Price: $675.71

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Additionally, this table is overlooking some of the most significant amenities which make playing Foosball smooth and skillful like high-quality stick bearings or grooved feet on the players. For competitive play, a Foosball table must be heavy to resist the continuous force of the bars slipping and crashing against the table. On the other hand, the Harvard Foosball table G01888W just weighs close to 200 pounds, not enough weight to prevent the table from skidding across a floor mid-game.

Harvard Foosball Table 4 Foot

1/2" chrome finished rods with painted players
Slide scorer

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Price: $29.88

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Players, kids especially, love to sit or use their body weight to the bars on the Foosball table, yet because these steel bars are thinner than ordinary, it’s likely that they are going to bend or snap considerably faster than a higher quality table. Should you be looking for an affordable Foosball table, you can find other higher quality tables in the exact same price range that provide a greater degree of play for a considerably longer amount of time.

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