Foosball Trick Shots

Foosball trick shots can be really easy to learn once you put the effort in. When you come more advanced in the game and have put a lot of time and effort put into your game. You will be able to learn some moves that will bedazzle your opponent. They will not expect what they see and will help you score more goals. Most people think that learning these shots is too tricky. To be quite honest they really aren’t. You can set a trick shot in any area of the table. It can be done in your defense or your attacking side of the table. There is no area really were you should not try once of these techniques. At first, I would recommend mastering just one shot and then when you have total control move on to learning another. Once you have this shot laid down try different variations of the shot and master it totally. To get the full advantage of a shot I would suggest doing these shots in the attacking area of the table.


I think the best way of showing you how to do a trick shot is by showing you a video. In this video we will show you a great move and once this is mastered it will bring plenty of crazy fun goals. The shot we are going to so you is the Aerial Shot. Now to be quite honest it will take you a long time to master. So make sure you’re honest with how advanced your game is. If you’re not that advanced keep practicing your passing and shooting. When you feel you can start this type of shot. Then I’d suggest practicing this shot and I hope you can master it like me 🙂

Foosball Trick Shot – Aerial Shot Tutorial

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