Foosball Push Shot Overview

The foosball push shot is one of the best shots in foosball. It’s completely opposite to the pull shot were you push the ball with this shot. When taking your shot you push the rod away from yourself in one fluid motion. In my opinion, I think the push shot is just right behind the snake shot and pull shot. When developing this shot make sure you can master the two other shots before you take this on. Don’t make this your main shot that you use. You can use this shot in the build up to other shots you learned first.

Developing this shot with others will confuse your opponents and keep them guessing. When to get ready to take this shot make sure you have the ball with your three attacking players. Pull the bar right in close to the wall as far as it can go to you. This will give you loads of room to push the rod and give you a great shot on goal.

Foosball Push Shot

Learning to Set Up the Foosball Push Shot

Set up the push shot so the ball is resting nicely towards the left aspect of your center man as the rod is pulled all of the ways in the direction of yourself. It’s far crucial the ball is feasible for your middle man so it’s resting on your man to allow for the most accurate and highest percent feasible to score the goal. If there may be a mild hole between the ball and your man when you push the rod the ball may additionally get bumped ahead of your man and it will likely be hard to trap up to be able to kick it in.

This positioning will even make your opponent defend the maximum quantity of goal area. Your players need to additionally start at a directly up and down role and the ball has to be located directly beneath the bar. Many foosball players get into the bad habit of tilting their guy backwards at a slight angle due to the fact they assume this gives them a faster shot. In truth, this may honestly make you take a bad shot and spray the ball instead of pushing the shot in.

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Foosball Push Shot Video

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