Foosball Pull Kick Shot Overview

The foosball pull kick shot is a lot like the foosball pull shot in many ways. How this is similar you pull the rod towards you, pass the ball to the player beside you on the same rod and shot. The main difference in the shot is you pass the ball to a different man on the rod when taking a shot. You have to take this shot with your attacking players like the pull shot. The shot is taken a few different ways you can pass from the far outside or the closest player to you. Then the middleman on the rod will take the shot. You can go from the middle man and pass it to either side too, to take a shot.

It can be a very popular shot to take from defense. When taking this shot it’s very important that you take it in one shift motion. This will put your opponent off as he thinks you are passing the ball. Make sure you are in total control when passing the ball. You will have to master your passing skills before being able to take on this skill. To really get good or amazing at this skill practice for hours and you will become a master foosball striker.


Learning to Set Up the Foosball Pull Kick Shot

Make sure before you learn how to make this shot you have the tic-tac pass mastered. Learning how to do the tic-tac pass from the attacking rod is key to this shot.  You have to have total control of your tic-tac pass to get a total surprise shot against your opponent. When you have this skill laid down you will be able to smash a fast shot in against your opponent. When taking this shot it’s best to learn how to play with an open palm. Pass the ball back and forth between your players from the attacking rod. Make sure your get a good connection when taking your shot and don’t spray it. By using an opened palm this will give you full control of your shot. It will also help you increase the speed of your shot too.

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Foosball Pull Kick Shot Video

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