Overview of Playing Foosball Defense

Foosball defense is probably one the most important aspects of the game. Nobody likes defending, but it has to be done right. A good player will have many forms of defense at his disposal. There are many forms of attack in the game so you have to be able to adapt to what your opponent is up too. Defending is like an art in foosball and can that a long time to master. Some of the best players in the world at foosball have this down to a tee and still struggle to stop their opponent. The reason being is because there are some many forms of attacking in the game.

You can learn several types of defense techniques and all will be effective. To really be totally effective you must learn when is the right time to use these strategies in the right areas of defense. It also depends on the level you are playing at. If you are playing a beginner you will use basic defending techniques. If you are playing a more advanced player you will have to implement a more advanced strategy.

Foosball Defense

Basic Foosball Defense

Here we will teach you basic strategy on how to defend at foosball. This strategy will work for you against any beginner or intermediate player out there. It is really easy to teach and learn if you just started learning the game. We will show you in a video on how to implement this technique. Mainly the idea on how to use this technique is to tilt the bars so your players are pointing towards each other’s toes. You have to make sure you don’t point too high or the ball will go under your man’s toes. By doing this your cutting of the goal in both directions and also stopping shots coming in at angles.

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